Surety of Sinners

Surety of Sinners

Troparion (Tone IV)

All despondency now doth cease and the sin of despair vanisheth away!

Sinners find consolation amid the sorrow of their hearts and are splendidly illuminated with heavenly love!

Today the Mother of God extendeth to us a saving hand and speaketh from her all-pure image, saying:

I am surety for sinners before my Son! He hath given them into my hands and will harken unto me as I continually pray for them!

Wherefore, O ye people who are heavy laden with many sins, fall down before her icon, crying out with tears:

O helper of the world, Surety of Sinners, by thy maternal supplications, entreat the Deliverer of all, that He cover our sins with the utter forgiveness of God and open unto us the radiant gates of paradise, for thou art the intercession and salvation of the Christian race!