A Monk's Prayer

For Times of Affliction and Despondency

I am receiving what I deserve for my deeds: Remember me, O Lord, in Thy Kingdom.

Lord, may Thy holy will be done to me and by me, a sinner, now and forever.

Lord, I am Thy creature and slave! Whether I want it or not, I am in Thy power. Do with Thy creatre according to Thy holy will and according to Thy Great mercy.

Glory to Thee, O Lord, for everything that Thou has brought upon me, glory to Thee! Just and most mercifuy is Thy judgment upon me who deserve all temporal and eternal punishments.

I thank and glorify Thee, my Lord and God, for these tiny and trifling troubles, which Thy all-good and most wise Providence allows me to suffer, by which Thou exposest my passions unknown to me and by which Thou makest easier for me my answer at Thy dread judgment by which Thou reedest me from the eternal toments of hell.

Icon of the Good Theif, Dismas